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How to Answer a 10 Mark Question for Edexcel A Level Business Year 1 (AS)

  • Levels: AS
  • Exam boards: Edexcel

In this note I'm going to take a look at what is required for students to achieve a maximum score on the 10 mark questions in the Edexcel A Level Business Year 1 (AS) Papers.

The 10 mark questions will appear on both Paper 1 and Paper 2 and knowing how to answer these questions will have a big bearing on your overall AS grade.

Let’s take the following question which is based on a fictitious car manufacturer, the Mayflower Motor Company

Assess the importance of total quality management to the Mayflower Motor Company (10 marks)

Good practice is to start off with a definition of total quality management. Not only will this gain you some easy knowledge marks but starting off with a definition can result in a more focused response.

Next, you need to analyse a strong argument that looks at why total quality management is important for the Mayflower Motor company. Make sure your argument is also in context by applying your answer to the business and that your argument is coherent, showing a logical chain of reasoning. Using connectives in your answer can help you to develop logical chains of reasoning.

Then, you need to show balance by providing a counter argument (counterbalance). This argument should look at some of the limitations of total quality management to Mayflower or perhaps a disadvantage of total quality management. Remember, your argument must be contextualised.

Finally, in order to reach the very top of level 4 and achieve 10 marks you must come to a supported judgement. This means you must weigh up both of your arguments and then make a supported judgement in relation to how important you believe total quality management is to the business. Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks? If so, why?

Practice this technique with the 10 mark questions on the Edexcel A Level Business Year 1 (AS) specimen papers and also the Edexcel Practice Exam Papers that have been developed by tutor2u to help give you maximum opportunities to improve your exam technique.

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