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Who said we should work 5 out of 7 days?

Michael Albanese

22nd January 2019

Ever felt that 4 days on and 3 days off would be a little more civilised? Of course you have, and this is what Wellcome Trust, a London-based research foundation, is considering. They already operate a “no emails in the evening” policy, but are now looking to cut their 800 employees’ week to four days with no reduction in pay.

The article is packed with business content, ranging from productivity, motivation, change management and CSR. Furthermore, it considers why economist Keynes’ prediction of the 15-hour week in unfortunately not a yet reality!

Below is a PowerPoint including two tasks; in the first, students are asked link 21 key words to the article, in the second, they discuss whether the 4-day-week could be applied to all businesses.

Hope it helps!

Download PowerPoint here

Michael Albanese

Assistant Curriculum Lead for Business and Law at Solihull Sixth Form College

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