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How Removing Best Before Dates is Helping Supermarkets and Their Customers Cut Food Waste

Jim Riley

1st August 2022

Waitrose is joining competitor supermarkets in removing best-before dates from a range of fresh food.

The Guardian reports here on how Waitrose is joining a growing list of supermarkets who are phasing out the use of best before dates from a range of food and drink products.

This sounds like a win-win, and another important step towards greater sustainability.

The volumes of food and drink that might no longer be thrown away is quite staggering. We're talking millions of tonnes each year.

For customers, who are now encouraged to use the "sniff test" to determine whether food and drink is ok to consume, this should reduce the amount of food (and therefore, money) wasted.

For supermarkets, the products affected can be on sale longer and it also reduces waste.

The article above also highlights the role of pressure groups in trying to pursuade businesses to change their operations and act in a more socially-responsible way.

Jim Riley

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