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Edexcel A Level Business 12 mark Homework Activities - Free Resource Download

The new academic year is nearly upon as and Edexcel centres will soon be tackling Theme 3 and Theme 4.

As well as some new teaching content, there is also a 'new Sheriff in town' in the form of a 12 mark question, in addition to the 4, 8, 10 and 20 mark questions.

During the Summer term, Michelle and I delivered a number of CPD events looking at the Year 2 content and providing delegates with a bumper pack of resources to help fast track their planning. The course was so popular that we are running it again in the Autumn term. Details can be found here.

One resource was a pack of 10,12 mark questions, focusing purely on Year 1 content.

The idea behind this was to provide a resource that teachers could give to students for homework that would help keep some core Year 1 content fresh in their mind whilst giving students practice of the new, 12 mark question. Each question has a short piece of stimulus material followed by the question and some suggested paragraph points.

Attached are 3 of the 10 questions that were provided on the day, along with their suggested answers.

I hope teachers find them useful.

Access the 12 mark questions here.

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