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If you are new to teaching A Level Government and Politics, or a relatively inexperienced teacher wanting to boost your subject expertise and confidence, this is the course for you!

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Global politics - library of resources

12th October 2016

There is a good selection of resources on global politics available from the OUP in theirinteractive library of international relations, covering globalisation, theories/models of global politics (e.g. realism),...

US Money and Politics timeline

12th October 2016

Politics Quiz of the Week

26th September 2016

Featured Politics Resources

Your students will love these editable PowerPoint-based game-based lesson activities. Just add your own questions! Or get your students to come up with the Qs!

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This collection of teaching resources features six brand new game-based learning templates that enable you to engage and test students with multiple-choice questions (MCQs)

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A full copy of all the teaching & learning resources (print and digital) provided to delegates attending the New to Teaching A Level Politics course

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Featured Politics Series

US Politics Study Notes

Religious Right

Study notes

The Religious Right is a phrase used to describe the factions of the right wing of US Politics, typically in the Republican Party, which use Christianity as the basis for...


Study notes

Momentum is the term used to describe the situation during the primary season where a candidate wins successive states in great numbers. The theory suggests that if a candidate wins...

New Federalism

Study notes

New Federalism is a description of the relationship between the States and Federal Government in the latter half of the 20th century.

Latest Politics Study & Revision Videos

Study notes

Civil Rights Act 1964


The Civil Rights Act 1964 was a major piece of legislation in the United States that made it illegal to discriminate based on race, colour, sex, national origin or religion. In...

Study notes

The Watergate Scandal


Watergate is the original gate. You may have heard of other gates - Antennagate when the iPhone 4 was released or Plebgate from the UK. But Watergate is...

Study notes

Negative Campaigning


Negative Campaigning is simply the type of political advertising, whereby instead of showcasing the good aspects of your candidate, the campaign will highlight the flaws or problems of another candidate. ...


Gerrymandering is the redrawing of congressional or electoral districts in order to gain a political advantage over another party. Redistricting is the process of redrawing electoral district boundaries. Gerrymandering/redistricting ...

Featured Politics Series

EU Referendum 2016

Is BREXIT More Likely Than You Think? (The Answer Might be Linked to Trump)

21st March 2016

Most of the recent opinion polls show Leave ahead of Remain - though it is early days of course. However, the bookmakers have Remain as the most likely result of...

The European Union Explained

27th January 2016

With the coming EU Referendum in Britain, and a deal potentially being reached next month, now is perhaps a good time to talk about the European Union. In this small...

Here Come the EU Referendum Leaflets

17th January 2016

Our posties are going to be kept busy over the coming weeks delivering a bundle of EU Referendum leaflets as it becomes increasingly likely that the UK will go to...

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The Politics Reference Library

Voting behaviour

Study notes

Voting behaviour is the way that different people tend to vote. It is studied so that political scientists, or more accurately political psychologists, can understand why certain people vote for...

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Latest Politics Enrichment Videos

15th September 2016

A fun look at political systems


I stumbled across this quirky YouTube video outlining the differences between different ideological / political systems using two cows - a fun little lesson starter.

14th September 2016

How feminism is changing


I've recently read Anne-Marie Slaughter's book Unfinished Business , and I was interested by her comments on how feminism means different things to different women and people from different backgrounds and...


Here's a TED talk suitable for students taking the Ideologies option and the US Politics options at A2. Arthur Brooks suggests that 'working together' can reduce the "ghastly holy war...


You may have seen or heard of the argument that broke out between Labour foreign affairs spokesperson Emily Thornberry and Sky News interviewer Dermot Murnaghan this weekend. A Youtube clip...