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If you are new to teaching A Level Government and Politics, or a relatively inexperienced teacher wanting to boost your subject expertise and confidence, this is the course for you!

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US Supreme Court Landmark Cases

Clinton v City of New York 1998

Study notes

This Supreme Court case ruled that the Line Item Veto given to the President was unconstitutional under the Presentment Clause in the Constitution. It removed the power, given to the...

Plessy v Ferguson 1896

Study notes

This Supreme Court Case ruled that the ‘separate by equal’ provision in private services that was required by state government was constitutional under the Equal Protection Clause (14th Amendment). This...

Miranda v Arizona 1966

Study notes

This Supreme Court Case ruled that all defendants subject to interrogation must be informed of their rights to an attorney and the right against self-incrimination. It was the basis for...

Latest Politics Study & Revision Videos

Study notes

The Watergate Scandal


Watergate is the original gate. You may have heard of other gates - Antennagate when the iPhone 4 was released or Plebgate from the UK. But Watergate is...

Study notes

Negative Campaigning


Negative Campaigning is simply the type of political advertising, whereby instead of showcasing the good aspects of your candidate, the campaign will highlight the flaws or problems of another candidate. ...


Gerrymandering is the redrawing of congressional or electoral districts in order to gain a political advantage over another party. Redistricting is the process of redrawing electoral district boundaries. Gerrymandering/redistricting ...

Study notes

Presidential Debates


The Presidential Debate is the televised debate that is usually held between the Democratic nominee and the Republican nominee for President. Very occasionally should a third candidate be polling well...

Featured Politics Series

US Politics Study Notes

Vice President (election, role)

Study notes

John Adams, the first Vice President declared that the role of the Vice President was “The most insignificant office that man has ever imagined”. It is not hard to see...


Study presentations

Federalism is the system of government in the United States. Students should be able to:

Articles of the Constitution

Study notes

The U.S. Constitution is made up of articles which each outline specific elements of the United States. Within each Article are sections, and within each of the sections are...

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The Politics Reference Library

Adversary Politics

Study notes

Adversary politics is when there is a deep and broad disagreement between the main political parties. It is the opposite of consensus politics.

Direct democracy

Study notes

Party funding

Study notes

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Latest Politics Enrichment Videos


Here's a great 15 minute TED talk from Haley Van Dyck, who is working in a start-up company inside the White House looking at ways to make the delivery of government...


The very thorny issue of how to undertake urgently needed refurbishment of Westminster Palace has reared its head again this week, as David Cameron calls for MPs to remain in...


Yesterday the Electoral Commission (a public regulator of elections, referendums and party finances) made a decision on which group would lead each side of the campaign for June's EU membership...


Firebrand Labour MP Dennis Skinner was asked to leave the House of Commons today after using unparliamentary language. He called the Prime Minister 'Dodgy Dave' in reference to his financial...