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Fast-Track Your Planning for Edexcel A Level Business (Year 2)

Get your second year of teaching Edexcel A Level Business off to a flying start with this resource-packed CPD course. Highly recommended as you begin Year 2 teaching!

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Greggs - Scone, but not forgotten!

22nd October 2016

Greggs, the (very) popular bakery chain has decided to stop selling scones across all of its 1,700 shops across the country and its customers aren't impressed.

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The essential collection of teaching resources to support colleagues delivering Edexcel A Level Business

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Get your copies of the superb teaching & learning resources provided to delegates at recent tutor2u CPD courses for A Level Business teachers.

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The essential collection of teaching resources to support the new AQA A Level Business from September 2015

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Featured Business Series

IB Business Management (CUEGIS) - Strategy

Globalisation: Fast-Food Multinationals Battle For Market Share in India

30th March 2016

A terrific video here from the WSJ exploring the competitive strategies of fast-food multinationals in India.

How Taking A Long-Term Approach Gives the Mittelstand a Competitive Advantage

15th August 2016

Competitive advantage involves looking for ways of developing and sustaining a significant difference with competitors in often fast-changing markets. How important is taking a long-term perspective to this?

Types of Integration

Study notes

When two businesses are brought together through a merger or takeover, it is possible to define the nature and type of integration based on the activities of each business and...

Latest Business Study & Revision Videos

Revision videos

Quality - Explained


Business students need to understand the key concept of quality as part of their studies. This series of short topic videos explains everything they need to know.


The study of motivation is a key part of most business courses. Here are a series of short revision videos that explain the key motivational theories.


This short revision video outlines the two methods of calculating percentage changes in business exams.


The use of exchange rates in simple business maths calculations is outlined in this revision video.

Exam Revision Workshops

A Level Business Flying Start Student Workshops

Designed to support all Year 12 students in the first year of taking A Level Business, our Flying Start Student Workshops focus on the core Year 1 teaching content and assessment skills.

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The Business Reference Library

What is leadership?

Study notes

There are many ways of looking at leadership and interpretations about what it means. Leadership means different things to different people.

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Latest Business Enrichment Videos


This superb article from Bloomberg Businessweek is packed with marketing strategy less golddust.


More than one million of Samsung's flagship new smartphone - the Galaxy Note 7 - have been sold in 10 countries since its launch two weeks ago. Now they all have to...


A huge story this one with far-reaching implications for multinationals. I highly recommend that students follow this over the coming weeks and months - it is likely to be hugely...


This is a really simple and clear explanation of how stocks and shares work - from the point of view of a shareholder.