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In the News Teaching Activity: Caramac and Animal Bar discontinued by Nestle after 60 years (Nov 2023)

Mike Mills

10th November 2023

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Caramac and Animal Bar are to be discontinued by Nestle after more than 60 years.

Caramac first hit the shelves in the UK in 1959 and then in 1963, four years later, the Animal Bar - a milk chocolate bar which has two different named animals moulded on the surface – was launched.

But sales of both chocolate bars have declined over the past few years, according to Nestle, which bought the brand as part of a takeover in 1998. The company has now decided to pull the products altogether.

Nestle said in a statement that they were sorry to disappoint Caramac fans, but, due to the steady decline of sales over the past few years, they have made the decision to discontinue the product.

Nestle have recognised that fans of Caramac will be disappointed, but that the change will allow them to focus more on their better performing brands, as well as allowing them to develop new, more innovative products.

In a recent update, Nestle also told Sky News that due to poor performance and a steady decline of sales, that Animal Bar is also being discontinued.

Caramac and Animal Bar to be discontinued after more than 60 years (Sky News)

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Mike Mills

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