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World Rejecting Cult

World Rejecting Cults are a part of the cult typology which was developed by Wallis (1984) which aims to identify the unique characteristics of each cult type. These are often the most common type of cult which is critical of the outside world and is seeking to change it. They encourage followers to remove themselves from wider society and dedicate themselves to the movement completely by joining and living in a commune. Members are expected to live by the rigorous guidelines outlined by the cult leader as it will enable spiritual growth. Often these cults are accused of brainwashing their members as they are expected to cut ties with the family, whom will find it difficult to understand why they have joined the cult. An example of a world rejecting cult is the People’s Temple who were led by Reverend Jim Jones. Who made followers believe that he could perform miracle medical cures whilst preaching an ideology which was based on a combination of religions and Marxism. This cults life span was cut short when it was under investigation and as a response a mass suicide of 900 members followed.

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