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World Affirming Cult

World affirming Cults are a part of the cult typology which was developed by Wallis (1984), which aims to identify the unique characteristics of each cult type. One main characteristic of a world affirming cult is that they tend not to have a belief in a God or gods. The members are not expected to remove themselves from the wider world, instead they argue the followers intend to help enrich their spirituality and gain fulfilment. Followers are unlikely to live in a commune and will often practice life-affirming activities within their ordinary lives. An example of this type of world affirming cult is Transcendental meditation which teaches followers meditation techniques and individual mantras which can enable spiritual growth. However, there are some cases of more extreme followers giving up their normal lives to focus on the cult and its spiritual practices. An example of this type of World affirming cult is scientology with members removing themselves from society to focus on developing spirituality.

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