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Radical Feminism

While all feminists are concerned about the rights of women and identify a patriarchy (a male-dominated society) radical feminists see patriarchy as the principle end and aim of current social structures and therefore argue for a root-and-branch restructuring of society. They are therefore not satisfied with the appeals for legal equality that characterises liberal feminism. They believe that most women have a false consciousness which leads them to have values and aspirations that they consider their own but are actually imposed on them by patriarchal control. At the more extreme end of the perspective this has led to some radical feminists questioning whether there can ever be true consent in heterosexual relationships and proposing complete separatism between the sexes. In recent years there has been some controversy with some radical feminists, like Germaine Greer, appearing to challenge the rights of transgender women. This is because, while post-modern feminists see gender as an identity of choice, radical feminists see gender as a set of cultural norms and values constructed and imposed on women by the patriarchy and therefore to be rejected.

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