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Ethnocentric curriculum

An ethnocentric curriculum is a type of educational curriculum that is based on the cultural values and perspectives of a particular ethnic or cultural group. It is characterised by a focus on the history, culture, and achievements of the dominant group, often to the exclusion or marginalisation of other groups.

Critics of ethnocentric curricula argue that they can perpetuate inequalities and privilege certain groups over others, as they often present a narrow and distorted view of history and culture that reinforces dominant power structures.

They also argue that ethnocentric curricula can contribute to the marginalisation and exclusion of minority groups, as they do not adequately represent or recognise the experiences and contributions of these groups.

By contrast, proponents of ethnocentric curricula argue that they can help to preserve and promote the cultural traditions and values of a particular group and can provide a sense of identity and belonging for students within that group. They also argue that an ethnocentric curriculum can be an important tool for addressing issues of power and privilege within the educational system.

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