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Example Answer for Question 8 Paper 2: AS Psychology, June 2017 (AQA)

AS, A-Level

Last updated 22 May 2017

Section B - Psychopathology

Question 8: Briefly Outline [2 Marks] - Systematic Desensitisation

Suggested Answer: Systematic desensitisation uses counter-conditioning to help people ‘unlearn’ their phobias, by eliciting another response, relaxation instead of fear. With systematic desensitisation, a person is gradually exposed to the anxiety-inducing stimulus until the anxiety is extinguished. The person works their way up a fear hierarchy, practising their relaxation techniques every step of the way until they reach the top and can remain relaxed in the most fearful situation.

Please Note: These answers have been produced without the knowledge of the mark scheme and merely reflect my attempt at producing a model answer on the day of the exam. These answers are not endorsed or approved by AQA.

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