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Meditation can rewire our brain!

Lara Calus

27th October 2023

Meditation can rewire our brain!

It can be argued that time and space are born from our evolutionary biological need to survive and reproduce. Enlightenment through meditation can be achieved by being ‘outside’ the mind and transcending all mental activity.

According to evolutionary psychologists, our brains have constructed a reality based on survival and reproduction. In order for us to experience reality beyond survival and reproduction we would need to uncouple and dissociate our neural networks as we know them and experience a ‘true’ reality.

Long-time meditators report being unbound in time and space during meditations. Both relativity and quantum theories state we have no time and no space. For example, the theory of relativity states that time can and does stop and that the past, present, and future are an illusion. Quantum theory states everything is connected, which implies there is no space. For example, separability in our world does not exist. What happens in one place can affect what happens in another.

Studies have shown evidence that a permanent state of enlightenment is related to neuroplasticity. Meditation can bring about brain changes!

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Lara Calus

Lara is an experienced teacher of Psychology.

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