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A-peel-ing ways to teach eating behaviours…

Sam Ashraf

28th June 2016

Eating behaviour is full of challenging concepts for A-Level students, from the dual-centre theory, to psychological explanations for eating disorders. As teachers it our role to bring students learning to life.

One topic in eating behaviour that you can make engaging in your classroom is evolutionary explanations for food preferences.

Students cook and bring in an item of food that they would like to share with the class, but they have to be able to explain why this food would have been chosen by our hunter gatherer ancestors.

Students loved this lesson and any opportunity to eat is always a winner!

This year I was amazed by the generosity of the students and also how they were so considerate of each other's dietary requirements, with many students making multiple variations of their food for all to try (e.g. halal, vegan, no dairy) It's a great way to engage your students and create a really memorable lesson.

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Sam Ashraf

Samira is Head of Psychology and Literacy & Numeracy Co-ordinator in an outstanding academy in Slough.

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