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All the Way - a movie and worksheet about President Johnson

Katy Ivey

20th September 2016

All the Way chronicles Lyndon Johnson’s first year in office from the assassination of JFK in November 1963 to his election as President in November 1964. LBJ and his wife, Ladybird, were in Texas when JFK was shot and LBJ was sworn in as President on the plane back to Washington. While Johnson has traditionally been seen by many as a flawed president, largely due to his escalation of the Vietnam War, his legacy is being increasingly revisited by historians. The information at the end of the film tells you of some of the successes of his only full term as President.

The film is available on Amazon Prime

You can download an accompanying worksheet, along with curriculum links, here.

Katy Ivey

Katy has been teaching Politics for 12 years and is an experienced examiner.

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