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Inequalities Revision Videos

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Last updated 21 Apr 2017

All things being equal, this topic is a little tricky. However all things are not equal, if they were this topic would not exist! Confused? Let's see if the videos below can help you get a handle on inequalities.

Solving inequalities

Simon Deacon shows us how to solve a simple inequaliy

Solving inequalities - GCSE maths level 4 question (Simon Deacon)

Solving an inequality

A slightly harder inequality to solve from Simon Deacon. Thanks Simon.

Solving inequalities - GCSE maths level 5 question (Simon Deacon)

Inequality GCSE questions

Raw Maths brings us lots of GCSE questions on inequalities.

How to do Inequalities GCSE Maths revision worked exam questions examples (Raw Maths)

Graph regions

Mr Hegarty describes how to shade graph regions defined by inequalities.

Linear inequalities as graph regions 1 (HEGARTYMATHS)

Graph regions

Mr Hegarty takes the difficulty up a notch with these videos, where the lines you need to draw are not quite so straightforward.

Linear inequalities as graph regions 2 (HEGARTYMATHS)

Graph regions

The final of three videos from Mr Hegarty on graph regions. This time the regions are fully enclosed by three inequalities. Thanks Mr Hegarty.

Linear inequalities as graph regions 3 (HEGARTYMATHS)

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