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Averages, Range and Comparing Data Revision Videos

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Last updated 8 Aug 2017

Finding an average of given values and comparing this with averages of other values is an important and useful skill. It is also thoroughly tested at GCSE level so make sure that you can deal with whatever type of question is asked. These videos will show you how its done.

Maths Education brings us this video which introduces the concept of mean, mode, median and range. It goes on to test your understanding with some tricky questions.

(NEW GCSE 9-1) Averages And The Range

Mr Morris brings us a video detailing four questions that require a knowledge of averages and a bit of logical thinking to find the answers, great practice for students of all levels.


How to compare two sets of data using the mean and the range. Thanks to Jack Brown for making this informative video.

GCSE Maths from Scratch 9.04 Comparing 2 Sets of Data using the Mean and Range - Jack Brown

An explanation of when to use the different types of average to compare data sets in this video by RawMaths.

7.21 comparing data sets Maths Core Skills GCSE Grade C Level 7 help - RawMaths

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