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Study Notes

Wilson's Fourteen Points


Last updated 18 Jul 2018

Woodrow Wilson, as President of the United States, developed a set of key fourteen wishes which we wanted to implement in order to create a better world. It was these points which underpinned vision which Wilson had for the world at the Versailles peace conference. It was this vision which many in Germany also believed a deal would be done under these fourteen points.

The points were:

  1. No secret treaties between countries
  2. Free access for all nations to the sea in both peacetime and wartime.
  3. There should be free trade between all countries
  4. All countries should work towards disarmament
  5. Colonies in empires should have a say in their own future governance
  6. German soldiers should leave Russia.
  7. Belgium shall regain its independence
  8. France is to regain the region of Alsace-Lorraine.
  9. The border between Austria and Italy should be changed slightly
  10. The people of east Europe should be able to rule themselves. (Self Determination)
  11. Serbia must have access to the sea.
  12. People within the Ottoman Empire should have self determination
  13. Poland should have access to the sea and be an independent nation
  14. The should be a League of Nations created

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