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Study Notes

The Dollfuss Affair 1934


Last updated 3 Sept 2018

Dollfuss was the Chancellor of Austria during the early 1930s. Austria had suffered a similar fate to Germany at the end of the First World War. They had been made to sign a peace treaty which placed harsh restrictions upon Austria. Dollfuss used his position as Chancellor to create an Austrian dictatorship similar to that of Nazi Germany. However, Austria was witnessing outbreaks of violence across the country. Despite the fighting, Dollfuss pressed on with the creation of the dictatorship.

In 1934, Dollfuss was assassinated by Austrian Nazis. It was at this point that Hitler considered an invasion to help support the Austrian Nazis. His plan was thwarted by Italy. Italy had threatened war with Germany if they had invaded, something which Hitler could not afford. Hitler realised that he needed to improve the strength of the Germany and also he needed the support of Italy.

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