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Spanish Fury & The Pacification of Ghent 1576

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Last updated 10 Jun 2017

The Spanish Fury

The Spanish Fury arose as a result of the Spanish occupation of the Netherlands. Keeping soldiers in the Netherlands was an expensive business. As a result of this paying soldiers became difficult and after months without being paid, Spanish forces finally rebelled. During this rebellion, the Spanish forces raided the Dutch city of Antwerp.

The Pacification of Ghent 1576

The Pacification of Ghent 1576 was a list of demands drawn up by the people of the Netherlands after the Spanish Fury. There were three central demands which included:

  • All Spanish armed forces were to withdraw from the Netherlands

  • End of the religious persecution of Catholics and Protestants.

  • The political independence of the Netherlands was to be restored

The collective demands were known as the Pacification of Ghent 1576.

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