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Last updated 12 Apr 2017

Spain, during the Elizabethan era, was a major power in Europe and the New World. Spain was a deeply catholic country and ruled by Philip II. Philip II had been married to Elizabeth’s half sister Mary. When Elizabeth became Queen, Philip II also offered to marry Elizabeth but she declined. Spain also had a large number of colonies in the New World which made Spain very wealthy.

Dominions of Philip II including Spain, Portugal, parts of the Netherlands, Southern Italian States, Milan and parts of France

Spain’s relationship with England:

Spain and England had a frosty relationship, especially as England under Elizabeth became a protestant country, whilst Spain remained a Catholic power. Relations became worse when the Pope declared that Elizabeth was illegitimate and should be removed, meaning it was the duty of every Catholic to depose Elizabeth.

The relationship between England and Spain became far worse after Elizabeth authorised many English Explorers to attack Spanish ships and raid them for their goods. Many English sailors such as Walter Raleigh and Francis Drake became known as privateers as a result of this pirating and raiding that occurred.

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