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Last updated 22 Mar 2021

The Freikorp, translating as Free Corps, were an armed group with right wing beliefs. They were made up of mainly former soldiers who were patriotic nationalistic Germans and anti-communists.

Freikorps in Berlin around 1919

After World War One, German had thousands of soldiers who were coming back from the western and eastern fronts and struggled for work. They still held their strong belief that they should protect Germany from any communist threat coming from the east and the newly formed Poland.

They were then instrumental in the crushing of the Spartacist Revolt in 1919 after they were used by Ebert to suppress the rebellion. The government had no option but to use the Freikorps due to the restrictions placed on the army in the Versailles Peace Settlement.

Formally, the Freikorps were disbanded in 1920, however, many of those who were involved in the Freikorps joined up with paramilitary groups within right wing groups such as the SA with the National Socialist German Workers Party. Many Freikorp members were subsequently involved in the Kapp Putsch.

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