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WWF Living Planet Report 2022 - global wildlife populations have plummeted by 69% since 1970

Vicki Woolven

17th October 2022

The Living Planet Report 2022 is WWF’s most comprehensive study to date of trends in global biodiversity and the health of our planet. It reports that global wildlife populations have plummeted by 69% on average since 1970. The staggering rate of decline is a severe warning that the rich biodiversity that sustains all life on our planet is in crisis, putting every species at risk – including us.

Every two years the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) publishes the Living Planet Report 2022 - and it is a vitally important report. This alarming loss of biodiversity is not only an environmental issue, but an economic, development, security, social, moral and ethical issue too. We are experiencing a climate and nature crisis and the people and wildlife who are least responsible for it, are the most vulnerable to it and are suffering already.

WWF’s latest #LivingPlanet Report shows that the catastrophic loss of nature is not being halted, let alone reversed.
The Living Planet Report 2022 is a comprehensive study of trends in global biodiversity and the health of the planet. This flagship WWF publication reveals an average decline of 69% in species populations since 1970. While conservation efforts are helping, urgent action is required if we are to reverse nature loss.
The Living Planet Report 2022, led by WWF and ZSL, reveals steep declines in wildlife populations and alarming statistics. It’s clear that urgent action is needed

The youth version of the report is an excellent resource that you can use with students - either in class or set it as homework reading - find the report here - https://wwflpr.awsassets.panda...

The full report can be found here - https://wwflpr.awsassets.panda... and is an excellent resource to update your knowledge of the state of global biodiversity - perhaps it is something that can be discussed in a department meeting? We quite often forget the importance of sharing important subject knowledge as we are drowning in departmental admin! It is a devastating yet fascinating report - and a must read for all geography teachers.

Vicki Woolven

Vicki Woolven is Subject Lead for Key Stage 4 Humanities at tutor2u. Vicki previously worked as a Head of Geography and Sociology for many years, leading her department to be one of the GA's first Centres of Excellent, and has been a content writer, senior examiner and local authority Key Practitioner for Humanities.

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