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Protection for endangered species

Joanne Parkinson

29th October 2017

33 species have been selected to receive "special protection" across the world.

The wildlife conference backed by the UN called "the Convention of Migratory Species (CMS)" have agreed that a number of species which often cross borders and are therefore harder to protect should receive extra protection as their numbers are at risk.

The Governments who were represented have also committed to improve environmental quality, with a focus on ocean plastics, climate change and noise pollution on these migratory species. The only country yet to sign up is China, whose environmental impacts are concerning.  However, despite their failure to sign up to protect the migratory species, there has been some headway in China to protect animals. The delicacy of shark fin soup, which many global protesters are horrified about, is reportedly no longer being served at government events as a response to global pressure.

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Joanne Parkinson

An experienced, outstanding Geography teacher, GCSE examiner and Head of Humanities in a 11-18 school. I'm passionate about all geographical events and am a keen blogger.

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