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Is our recent heatwave linked to climate change?

Joanne Parkinson

4th July 2017

Heat waves that have hit the UK and other western European countries in June are likely as a result of climate change; scientists claim.

Temperatures exceeded 26 degrees Celsius in many European countries in June and Heathrow airport in London measured a high of 34.5 degrees. This was the warmest June day that the UK had faced in 40 years.

These temperatures are becoming more common and the result of such temperatures is devastating, with countries like Portugal experiencing forest fires which spread relentlessly due to the dry vegetation. With 64 people dying as a result of the fires and 1500 people having to be moved out of holiday accommodation in Spain; the impact of such temperatures is costly to human life and to the economy.

Future drought conditions are likely. There are many vulnerable groups facing issues as a result of the heat, notably heat exhaustion. 

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Joanne Parkinson

An experienced, outstanding Geography teacher, GCSE examiner and Head of Humanities in a 11-18 school. I'm passionate about all geographical events and am a keen blogger.

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