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Favourite Behavioural Economics Valentines

Here is a selection of some of the many behavioural valentines posted on Twitter on the 14th February 2017. Spot the psychological biases in some of these!

Prospect Theory / Loss Aversion

Losing you would hurt twice as much as the the pleasure from gaining you.

Commitment Devices

  • Date is set, can’t wait to start
  • You know the key to our heart
  • Isn’t chocolate or a dance
  • But a plan made in advance


  • I'd satisfice for cars
  • And my housing too
  • But I'd have to maximize
  • To find someone like you

Discounting the future

  • I proclaim my affection
  • Early, not late
  • Because my love
  • Has a high discount rate

Peak End Rule

  • The peak was good, the end was not.
  • It’s understood you’re best forgot

And ... perhaps my favourite of all (from 2016!)

  • Roses are red
  • Violets are blue
  • It's all about system 1
  • Who cares about system 2

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