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Technology at Amazon

Michael Albanese

11th December 2016

Amazon is yet again disrupting another industry with the announcement of Amazon Go, the “just walk out” supermarket with no checkouts. Whilst many are saying that in time, this will inevitably lead to huge reductions in jobs, Amazon’s priority surely has to be streamlining all aspects of the business to increase their super-slim 0.40% profit margin.

Below is a great video showing another example of how they are they doing this at their warehouses, with “Kiva” robots that take the products to employees, as opposed to the old-fashioned and frankly ridiculous methods of workers “walking” to the products. The reporter definitely earns a Level 5 for her analysis of the innovation, giving some great facts and figures, showing the importance of the technology to Amazon and finishing it off with some good judgement.

I hope you all have a great Christmas!

Michael Albanese

Assistant Curriculum Lead for Business and Law at Solihull Sixth Form College

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