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BUSS4 Essay Questions to Practice

Jim Riley

22nd June 2016

Practising essay planning in BUSS4 is a really effective revision method, particularly as a warmup on the day.

Planning, rather than writing out a whole essay, helps you:

  • Identify the key hooks in the essay question
  • Outline potential points that answer the question
  • Develop the skill of being selective - which three points would you develop?
  • Outline the line of analysis (including relevant theory) for each point
  • List the evidence you would try to use to support your analysis
  • Highlight evaluation links for each point
  • Plan your full AJIM conclusion

Here is a blank essay planning template that is well worth downloading and printing off (10-20 copies).

Then have a go at planning outline answers to the essay questions below. Write in pencil; adjust the plan as you develop your thoughts or come up with some more (or better) examples.

Some of these essay questions are linked to our own attempt at a video essay plan or to a worked essay example.

If you'd like to see some examples of the PAnEL and AJIM approach to BUSS4 essays, take a look at these:

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To what extent is it essential that businesses invest significantly in e-commerce in order to remain competitive?

Is e-commerce now the best way for businesses to enter new markets?

Is the best way to exploit developments in e-commerce to sell via multiple channels rather than purely online?

To what extent will developments in e-commerce significantly increase the threat of market disruption from new entrants in the future?

Do developments in e-commerce mean that firms need to change strategy to achieve higher profits?

Do you agree that markets will inevitably become less competitive as the largest e-commerce firms increase their market shares?

Is e-commerce an opportunity or a threat to established market leaders?

Do you agree that customers have benefited more than shareholders from developments in e-commerce?


Is much tougher regulation of big business required in order to protect the interests of society?

Is the UK’s possible withdrawal from membership of the EU the most significant threat currently facing businesses based in the UK?

Do you agree that a growth strategy of diversification will inevitably fail?

Do you agree that internal growth is a better strategy than external growth if a business wishes to increase profits significantly?

Is leadership the most important factor in determining the long-term success of a business?

Is now a good time for businesses to take greater risks?

To what extent is contingency planning essential in order for multinationals to manage risk?

To what extent do you agree that organisational culture is the most important reason why big businesses act unethically?

To what extent is it inevitable that global businesses will increase their dominance of most markets?

In your view, how favourable is the economic environment facing firms in the UK at the moment?

Do you agree that significant change in a big business is only possible with new leadership?

Do you agree that profit maximisation by firms is in the best interests of society in the long-term?

To what extent is it essential new leadership is essential in order for a business to change from failure to success?

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Jim Riley

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