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BUSS4 - The Section B Essay Questions So Far

Jim Riley

21st June 2016

We've had many BUSS4 exam papers now and we're hours away from the last main sitting. It is always interesting looking at the choice of essay titles for Section B to get a feel for the style and focus of what is on offer!

What has been asked so far?

Here is my summary of the Section B essay options so far (in rough chronological order, with the most recent at the end).

Can a new CEO change organisational culture quickly?

How easy is it for a new CEO to turn a business from failure to success?

Does an innovative culture guarantee success?

Does globalisation mean firms need to change strategy to achieve higher profits?

Can a leader make a significant difference to the long-term success of an organisation?

Is employee resistance the biggest problem for a process of change management?

Is corporate planning still worthwhile in a period of rapid economic & political change?

Will a cautious business inevitably suffer a fall in market share?

Is diversification the best strategy to achieve profitable growth?

Why do big businesses make bad decisions?

Will business performance inevitably decline after the departure of the founder?

Should businesses avoid changes in strategy that are high risk?

Are emerging markets the best opportunity for major profit growth?

Does organisational culture determine success in a rapidly changing external environment?

Has managing information effectively become the key to being market leader?

Is the external environment in the UK is favourable for businesses at the moment?

Is it essential for managers to take ethics into consideration when making decisions nowadays?

Is it possible for businesses to prepare effectively for changes in their external environment?

Do the activities of businesses need to be more regulated by the Government in the future?

Are existing large global companies likely to increase in size further over the next 20 years?

Are the profits of a business determined by the competitive structure of the industry in which it operates?

Does the success of a new strategy depend on the leader?

Is considerable opposition from stakeholders inevitable when change is being introduced?

Is it likely that a new entrant into industries dominated by a few large businesses would be able to survive?

Should the managers of a business should focus on their shareholders’ needs and ignore their other stakeholders when making strategic decisions?

Are cultural clashes likely to be the biggest problem when one business takes over or merges with another business?

As students prepare for BUSS4 on 22 June, here are some extra practice questions that are worth planning as part of effective revision.

Jim Riley

Jim co-founded tutor2u alongside his twin brother Geoff! Jim is a well-known Business writer and presenter as well as being one of the UK's leading educational technology entrepreneurs.

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