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Teaching activity

Business News Analysis

Michael Albanese

8th February 2017

In trying to encourage my students to engage with real-world news stories, I have made a simple grid (see below) which gets them to think about how key business topics and theories apply to different industries and businesses.

I used this Hustle article which has four stories on the following:

  • How Marriott are trying to compete with Airbnb
  • The takeover of a tech start-up and ousting of its founders
  • TV maker Vizio’s have been sued for secretly collecting then selling user data
  • How start-up are changing their recruitment process to include a “trial week”, making sure both parties are happy with their choice

Students are assigned a particular article and must complete the grid, question and answer. The aim is to give them a better understanding of a range of industries that they can then include in their 25 mark essays.

Hope it helps

Michael Albanese

Assistant Curriculum Lead for Business and Law at Solihull Sixth Form College

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