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Teaching activity

Adding Value (Bellwork Activity)

Graham Prior

4th July 2012

One of my favourite activities for helping teach adding value is the potato activity. This can be found here.However, looking back through last year’s lessons I came across this bell work activity that I used the lesson immediately after.

Before the lesson started, I simply wrote on the board:

‘think of as many different ways as possible that you can add value to yourself’.

Students came up with all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff about different ways they could add value to themselves. Some ideas that the students came up with were:

Lose some weight! (Classic)

Better manners

Exercise more

Get better exam results

Join a club or society

Get involved more with extra-curricular activities

Get some additional qualifications other than A levels

Do some voluntary work

What I really liked about this is that it really engaged the students as they were thinking critically about themselves. Also, it allowed me to then discuss the importance of completing homework, getting good exam results etc. Especially in today’s challenging environment.

But what I really liked about this was that it allowed a seamless move into recapping the previous lesson and the different ways in which businesses can add value.

Now that can’t be bad…...

Graham Prior

Graham is an experienced teacher, examiner, moderator and lover of education with a passion for teaching and learning.

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