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7 Ways to Get Rid of Your Smartphone Addiction

Joseph Sparks

12th August 2016

If you’re anything like me, you probably use your smartphone too much! I often use the excuse that I have to use my phone for work, or that without Google Maps I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere, but aside from its useful features, I still spend too much time ‘checking’ my phone for one thing or another.

There is even a term for people who have a fear of living without their smartphones – nomophobia.

A recent article in The Economic Times, 7 ways to get rid of smartphone addiction, outlines 7 ways that you can get rid of your smartphone addiction, including:

  1. Customize your notifications – the fewer notifications you receive, the less likely you are to check your phone.
  2. Limit your smartphone usage – arrange particular time to use or not use your phone (e.g. not using your phone during mealtimes).
  3. Remove any unnecessary apps – believe it not social media apps like Facebook and Twitter are not necessary, why not try deleting them.
  4. Turn your phone off at night – as The Economics Times states: ‘hell won’t free over if your phone stays switched off for a few hours’ and who knows, you might even get a better night’s sleep.
  5. Download useful apps – some apps will even help you to reduce your usage, why not try ‘Rescue Time’ and ‘AppDetox’.
  6. Keep track of time the old-fashioned way – you don’t need a smartphone to tell the time, why not invest in a watch and alarm clock.
  7. Return to an old school phone – if none of the above work, why not ditch your smartphone for something more traditional.

Reference: Bagga, A. (2016, August 09). 7 ways to get rid of smartphone addiction. Retrieved from The Economic Times:

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Joseph Sparks

Joseph is a Subject Advisor for Psychology at tutor2u. He is an experienced Psychology & Music Teacher, Writer, Examiner and Presenter. He is currently completing a Professional Doctorate in Education and is passionate about the impact of technology on teaching and learning.

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