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Last updated 22 Mar 2021

A proposition is typically a proposed piece of legislation, that a selection of the state population wishes to see enacted. It will be brought about by the process of an initiative.

Propositions will normally begin life as an idea from a campaign group who are seeking to either introduce or repeal a piece of state law. Notable examples of propositions include:

  • None of the above ballot option for elections
  • Term limits for Congressional representatives
  • Various taxes including for tobacco and alcohol
  • Prohibiting and legalisation of same-sex marriage
  • School vouchers or school facility requirements
  • Public Work Projects
  • Congestion Charges
  • Election Day voter registration
  • Balanced budget requirements
  • Notification to a parent of the termination of a teen pregnancy.

As propositions are submitted via the initiative method, they will require a petition to be circulated beforehand and the petition must reach the required population threshold. At this point if successful the proposition will go to a public ballot.

Propositions can be particularly controversial, as groups are often willing to attempt to legislate in areas that politicians would not touch for fear of the political consequences.


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