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Standard Form Revision Videos

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Last updated 22 Mar 2021

We've gathered together the best online revision videos on standard form, to help you revise without having to trawl the internet!

Standard Form allows for very large and very small numbers to be expressed in a more concise way than their full written form, eg (68700000 is 6.87 x107) or (0.00000000543 is 5.43 x 10 -9).

These videos will revisit multiplication, division, addition and subtraction in Standard Form.

Writing in Standard Form

A great introduction into the world of standard form. This video covers both converting ordinary numbers into standard form and standard form into ordinary numbers, a useful skill throughout the course.

Standard Form (Corbett Maths)

Multiplication in Standard Form

Some clear step by step guides here to multiplying in standard form. Try pausing the videos and having a go yourself before the answers are shown.

Multiplying with standard form (Hegarty Maths)
Multiplying standard form (Corbett Maths)

Division in Standard Form

Both these videos have loads of questions to work through to solidify your standard form knowledge. The first video has a nice clear technique to help make dividing in standard form as easy as possible.

Dividing with standard form (Hegarty Maths)
Standard form division (Corbett Maths)

Addition and Subtraction in Standard Form

The first video shows you how to add and subtract in standard form by converting into ordinary numbers.

While the second shows you how to add and subtract in standard form without converting into ordinary numbers.

Adding & subtracting with standard form (Hegarty Maths)
Adding and subtracting without converting (Riley Maths)

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