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Perimeter and Area of Triangles and Quadrilaterals Revision Videos

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Last updated 14 Aug 2017

Students frequently confuse area and perimeter so the more practice you can do to master these topics the better. We've collected together some great videos that delve into this topic and are appropriate to the Maths GCSE exam.

HEGARTYMATHS brings us a video explaining how to find the area of a triangle.

Area of Triangles 1 (GCSE Higher Maths)- Tutorial 19 - HEGARTYMATHS

Jack Brown looks at the different type of methods required to calculate the area of a triangle.

GCSE Maths from Scratch 18.04 Area of a Triangle - Jack Brown

Here's a clever way to find the area of a quadrilateral when it is drawn on a grid. This is typical of the alternative ways that GCSE questions are asked these days so its well worth a look.

How to find the area of a strange quadrilateral on a grid | Geometry | 6th grade | Khan Academy

Jack Brown runs through the method for finding the area of various quadrilaterals. Beware, you will not be given any of the formulae for the area of quadrilateral or triangles so you need to memorize them.

GCSE Maths from Scratch 19.02 Finding the Area of Quadrilaterals (including Trapeziums) - Jack Brown

Two example questions in this short video from Jack Brown.

GCSE Maths from Scratch 18.03 Perimeter of a Triangle

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