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Job Profile: Dietetic Assistant

Liz Blamire

13th November 2023

Dietetic assistants work with dieticians and the dietetic team, to support individuals with dietary and nutrition problems.

Dietetic assistants work in:

  • Hospitals
  • GP surgeries
  • Clinics
  • Service user homes

They work with a huge variety of service users such as:

  • People with digestive problems, e.g. inflammatory bowel disorders
  • People who want to lose weight, e.g. those with obesity
  • People who have a condition which affects their ability to eat, such as cancer
  • People who need to put on weight after an illness
  • People who need to make specific dietary choices because of a health condition, e.g. diabetes, HIV
  • People who have an eating disorder
  • People who have an allergy

The responsibilities of a dietetic assistant are varied and include:

  • Supporting assessment, e.g. weighing service users
  • Explaining dietary plans to service users
  • Monitoring and recording dietary intake of service users
  • Teaching service users how to use feeding tubes and pumps
  • Supporting service users with food and menu choices

Skills required:

  • A genuine interest in food, nutrition and science
  • A desire to help others live healthier lifestyles
  • Outgoing and positive outlook
  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • The ability to explain and teach complex information

To learn more about the education and training required, see NHS Careers: Dietetic Assistant

Liz Blamire

Liz is the current tutor2u subject lead for Health and Social Care. She is a former NHS midwife, who has worked in community, birth centre and acute hospital settings. Liz is an SSAT Accredited Lead Practitioner, who has taught Health and Social Care in FE and secondary schools, where she was a successful HOD. Liz is an experienced senior examiner and author.

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