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Rainforest destruction

Rainforest destruction is when people cut down, burn, or otherwise damage rainforests. Rainforests are really important because they are home to lots of different plants and animals and they also help to regulate the Earth's climate. There are many reasons why people might destroy rainforests, including:

  • To clear land for farming or ranching
  • To extract resources like timber or minerals
  • To build roads or other infrastructure

Rainforest destruction can have a lot of negative impacts. When rainforests are destroyed, the plants and animals that live there can lose their homes and may even go extinct. Rainforests also help to absorb carbon dioxide from the air, so when they are destroyed, more of this greenhouse gas is released, which can contribute to climate change. Rainforest destruction can also lead to soil erosion and other environmental problems. It's important to try to find ways to use and enjoy rainforests without destroying them.

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