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PowerPoint Revision Game Pack | Natural Hazards | GCSE Geography

AQA, Edexcel, OCR, Eduqas

Last updated 17 May 2021

Here are five PowerPoint-based multi-choice revision games which help students test their knowledge and understanding of the ‘Natural Hazards' topic for GCSE Geography.

The downloadable zip file contains five PowerPoint games - all ready to use with key terms from the Natural Hazards topic. The first 3 games are interactive multi-choice quizzes that are engaging starters or plenaries:

  • Beam Me Up – answer each of the 5 questions within 10 seconds before they are beamed up by a UFO
  • Ask Alexa – 5 multi-choice questions delivered by an onscreen version of Amazon's home assistant
  • Eliminator – play the classic game! Get your students stood up and see how many can last the 10 questions shown on screen. If they answer incorrectly they must sit down and are eliminated from the quiz

All 20 of the questions used in the quizzes above are also available as two separate games where the questions and answers are shown in a standard multi-choice format on screen.

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