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Dual Coding Activity (GCSE Geography): Development Gap

AQA, Edexcel, OCR, Eduqas

Last updated 19 Jun 2023

Here is a ready-to-go activity to get students to consider why some countries have been able to develop, whilst others have struggled.

There are a number of sub-tasks within this worksheet...

1) Students need to match the images to the reason for the development gap, and then colour code them into physical; economic; historical; political factors.

2) Students are to then add detail in each box to explain HOW this factor has hindered development.

3) Extension tasks based on worksheet:

  • Concept mapping task - students are to choose 6 of the factors that limit development and write them randomly on a page in their exercise book – spacing them out. They then need to draw lines between the ones that link together and on the line explain the link.
  • Extended writing task - students are to pick the factors that they believe is the most significant cause of the development gap, explaining their choice in detail (which can include links to other factors).

The file includes worksheet and suggested answers. Great for a lesson activity, homework task or revision!

And it's free to download - even better!

Download your free 'Development Gap' Dual Coding Activity here.

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