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Deaths increase on the year’s hottest day

Joanne Parkinson

8th October 2019

On the 25th July, a temperature of 38.7C was recorded in Cambridge. Provisional figures for England and Wales show that this led to an increase in deaths.

The number of deaths rose from 1,100 to 1,500 at that time but it is too early to tell how many of these deaths had been caused by the heat. However, on other days displaying similar temperatures the death rate was lower; suggesting that the number of deaths in 2019 was actually similar up previous years.

Whilst there is some dispute over the extent to which people were affected by the heat in summer 2019, there is obviously a link between heat and ill health for many. Those with pre-existing conditions and the old and young are most at risk from the heat. As the trend for summer temperatures is showing an increase, the main concern is the pressure this will place on the NHS.

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Joanne Parkinson

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