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An all-round look at Ethiopia's new construction to dam the Nile

Andy Day

22nd February 2018

BBC News is investing in new technology to bring a cutting-edge view of the news. New Virtual-Reality (VR) kit can be obtained to gain a fully-immersive experience of tv reporting. This section from the report on Damming the Nile features a 360 degree panorama news story that allows you to swing away from the BBC reporter and check out the full scene. Recorded on a 6-camera platform mounted on a pole, a sense of 'street-view' is coming to BBC reporting.

Ethiopia's new mile-long dam on the Blue Nile is nearing completion. Its operation will not only have huge ramifications for the country paying for it, but for its downstream neighbour of Sudan and nextdoor-but-one, Egypt. Transnational river management is becoming an increasingly sensitive issue as water becomes a more at-risk resource while simultaneously becoming more of an asset for everything from power-generation to farm irrigation and food production, to meeting industrial and domestic needs. You can watch the 360 degree 'Damming the Nile' video report here, and also check out the VR options.

Andy Day

Andy recently finished being a classroom geographer after 35 years at two schools in East Yorkshire as head of geography, head of the humanities faculty and director of the humanities specialism. He has written extensively about teaching and geography - with articles in the TES, Geography GCSE Wideworld and Teaching Geography.

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