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Supply Chain Problems - Update on the UK and Global Economy

Graham Watson

3rd October 2021

This BBC news video looks at problems with the global supply chain - and identifies the factors that have contributing to them.

COVID - which has prompted increased demand for good; shipping - and the fragility of the shipping network; labour shortages - notably in the UK and the US. It's an instructive clip.

Here is another article looking at the fragility of the global supply chain, the problems that it's caused and the implications of this for global policymakers, notably the implications for monetary policy, because of high levels of pent-up demand.

That and the possibility of stagflation.

And here is a snapshot of how global supply chain issues are affecting the big six (well, five and Australia!) economies. It seems as though everyone's being affected; it's just that some - not naming names - have been more affected than most. One wonders why that might be.


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