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Zero-Hours Contracts

Zero-hours contracts are a type of employment contract in which an employer does not guarantee a minimum number of hours of work to an employee. Instead, the employee is only paid for the hours they actually work, and the employer can offer or withdraw work opportunities at any time. Here are some key features of zero-hours contracts:

  • Flexibility for the employer: they can match staffing levels to fluctuating demand.
  • Flexibility for the employee: they can accept or reject work as it suits them.
  • Uncertainty for the employee: they don't know how much work they will have in any given week.
  • Less job security: employees have no guaranteed income or job stability.

Zero-hours contracts have been controversial, with some arguing that they provide valuable flexibility for both employers and employees, while others argue that they exploit workers and lead to job insecurity.

A zero-hours contract is a contract between an employer and employee where the employer has no obligation to give an employee work and an employee has no obligation to do work when asked. Pay depends on how many hours an employee works.

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