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Decision-making is the process of choosing a logical choice from the available options.

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Individual teaching resources for delivering specific topics, including teaching instructions.

  • In this decision tree activity, students have to assess and recommend which strategy should be undertaken a by a business making souvenir merchandise.

    £5.00 (+VAT)

    Big Decisions at Banana Moon (Decision Trees)
  • Michael McDonald (Mac) wants increase revenue. Should he increase his advertising or launch a new type of burger, the Magic Mac. He has decided to use a decision tree to...

    £5.00 (+VAT)

    Big Macs Decision (Decision Trees)
  • Decisions, decisions is a resource that can be used to reinforce the need to make andjustify decisions, to practice financial calculations as evidence for those decisions,and therefore to develop...

    £5.00 (+VAT)

    Decisions Decisions
  • This activity is used to consolidate the teaching and learning of ratio analysis as well as developing the skill of using quantitative data to make decisions.

    £5.00 (+VAT)

    Milner and Hart Accountancy (Ratio Analysis & Decision Making)
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