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Business in the News: Free Activity for New and Returning Business Students (2023)

GCSE, AS, A-Level
AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas, WJEC

Last updated 1 Sept 2023

Here's a free news-based activity that teachers can use for new or returning business students.

This is a simple resource that can be used to show real examples of GCSE and A-Level Business key terminology for new students, and get returning year 11 and 13 students to review topics they have already covered.

The single sheet document is a mocked-up broadsheet newspaper front page which references 10 real world events from the summer of 2023.

Suggested uses

For new students

  • During an induction session: ask students to review the paper (in groups) and discuss what they know about the story headlines
  • Give the sheet to new students as an early homework and ask them to research a series of key terms from the specification (e.g. business ownership, functions and types of business, entrepreneurship, external environment, business objectives, stakeholders) and ask them to find examples within the news stories
  • Having set the task above, ask students to return with their own examples of a news story from the last 6 months that illustrates an aspect from the list of key terms that you have set them

For returning students

  • As part of an early lesson on their return (or as homework), ask students to read through the news stories and ask them to list as many key terms as they can relating to the stories
  • Ask students to pick any of the stories and write a longer article to fully explain the event and link it to a key topic from their Year 12 work

Download this teaching activity!

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