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Toyota Skydrive

Penny Brooks

15th May 2017

Flying cars - whyever not? Cartivator is a group of 30 volunteers in Japan, who so far have used crowdfunding to finance their development of the Skydrive flying car. Their work is based on drone technology, and they now have a boost of 40 million yen (£274, 000) from Toyota.

They are an ambitious group, hoping that the Skydrive might be used to light the Olympic flame for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics - so this could be an astute investment by Toyota. But they are not alone - Uber are aiming for an on-demand flying taxi service to be in testing by 2020, and flying cars are under development in the US, Germany, Netherlands, and China as well as Japan. 

But perhaps we should have seen this coming. Older readers might recognise some comparisons with the 1962 flying car in the Jetsons. 

Penny Brooks

Formerly Head of Business and Economics and now Economics teacher, Business and Economics blogger and presenter for Tutor2u, and private tutor

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