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Dynamic Pricing for Restaurants - An Anti-Uber Approach

Geoff Riley

21st December 2016

CityMunch is a fast-growing app that provides real time discounts for people wanting to use restaurants at off-peak times when outlets have spare capacity but still have overhead costs to pay.

Whereas Uber uses surge pricing to increase fares at busy times, CityMunch offers price discounts when market demand is less than the available capacity.

Founded by Rob Lynch, the business is crowd-funding to raise money to finance their expansion to a number of cities beyond London.

The market for home-food deliveries is getting very crowded with the likes of Just Eat and Deliveroo among the leading players. The CityMunch approach flips this and uses price incentives to get people into restaurants and cafes with a particular focus on independent foodie venues.

We will follow the CityMunch story and see where they get to during 2017!

Geoff Riley

Geoff Riley FRSA has been teaching Economics for over thirty years. He has over twenty years experience as Head of Economics at leading schools. He writes extensively and is a contributor and presenter on CPD conferences in the UK and overseas.

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