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Developing the Skill of Application with SCORE

Graham Prior

12th November 2019

Here's a great planning template to help business students develop the skill of application.

SCORE is an acronym that not only helps to develop the skill of application but it can also be used when students are evaluating and writing conclusions and judgements.

Application is about applying knowledge and understanding to various business contexts such as the nature of the business, its market and its competitive position. SCORE helps students pick out the key context points.

In terms of evaluation, a decision made may be influenced, and take account of, the market the business operates in, the businesses competitors, its objectives or its products and services.

SCORE therefore provides a useful planning tool that students can use prior to writing extended answers to help them pick out the key application (and evaluative) points before they start to write their answer and a template has been provided to facilitate this process.

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Graham Prior

Graham is an experienced teacher, examiner, moderator and lover of education with a passion for teaching and learning.

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