Business Studies Revision Quizzes - Master Listing

Try these multiple choice revision quizzes for key business studies topics!  We've indicated in brackets where the revision quiz is particularly suitable for GCSE. All other quizzes are designed for AS & A2 business.

Starting a Business

Enterprise & Entrepreneurs

Sources of Finance for a Startup


Cash Flow Forecasting for a Startup

Creating & Protecting Business Ideas

Adding Value

Startups and Understanding the Market

Market Research for a Startup

Locating the Startup Business

Choosing a Legal Structure for a Startup

Employing People in a Startup

Generating and Protecting a Business Idea

Using Breakeven in Decision-Making

Business Planning & Budgeting in a Startup

Assessing Business Startups


Marketing Objectives & Influences

Marketing Planning & Analysis

Marketing Strategies

Boston Matrix [GCSE]

Branding & Differentiation [GCSE]


Products & Brands

Product Life Cycle [GCSE]

Product Trial & Repeat Purchase [GCSE]

Design and R&D

Place (Distribution)



Price Elasticity of Demand



Breakeven Basics

Costs, Revenues and Profits

Business Costs

Using Budgets

Using Breakeven in Decision-Making

Investment Appraisal Basics

Financial Strategies

Measuring and Improving Profit

Improving Cash Flow

Working Capital

Managing Stocks

Balance Sheet

Income Statement

Ratios (Uses & Users)

Ratios (Shareholders)

Ratios Financial Efficiency)

Ratios (Profitability)

Ratios (Liquidity)

Ratios (Gearing)

Business Organisation   

Basics of Business Growth

Business Activities

Legal Structure Basics


Sole Traders and Partnerships

Limited Companies

Generating and Protecting a Business Idea

Organisational Structures


HRM Objectives & Influences

Working   in Teams

Communication Basics

Communication Methods

Workforce Planning

Recruitment, Selection & Training

Employee Motivation

Organisational Structures (Overview)

Employee / Employer Relations

Competitive Organisational Structures

Operations & Production

Operational Objectives

Critical Path Analysis

Scale and Resource Mix

Lean Production

Capacity Management

Customer Service Basics

Consumer Protection (GCSE)

Managing Quality

Operational Decision-making

Using Technology in Operations


Working with Suppliers

Environmental Issues

Economic Environment

Basics of International Trade

Economic Sectors

Government Spending & Taxation



Interest Rates & Monetary Policy

Business Strategy

Leadership styles

Business Culture

Change Management


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