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A Level Geography Flying Start Student Workshops

Designed to support Year 12 students in the first year of taking the new linear A Level Geography, our Flying Start Student Workshops focus on the core Year 1 teaching content and assessment skills.

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The Geography Blog

What is geography? From the macro - to the micro.

17th July 2016

Just what does geography do - and offer - as a discipline? If geographers have often encountered difficulty in promoting their subject as a clearly defined area of focus as...

Featured Geography Resources

Perfect for lesson activities, cover resources or homework, these key topic worksheets support the two-year AQA A Level Geography specification for first teaching from Sept 2016.

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Comprehensive, essential study notes by topic for the entire AQA A Level Geography specification (for first teaching from September 2016).

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A superb collection of key topic case studies here to support the new two-year AQA A Level Geography specification, for first teaching from September 2016

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Featured Geography Series

A Level Geography Revision Quizzes

Desert Environments

Revision quizzes

Desert environments is the topic for this A Level Geography revision quiz.


Revision quizzes

This A Level Geography revision quiz is on Globalisation.


Revision quizzes

Hazards are the subject covered by this A Level Geography revision quiz.

Featured Geography Series

GCSE Geography Exam Technique

Feedback on GCSE Geography Exams in Summer 2015

12th September 2015

Welcome back to another school year and I am sure many teachers and new year 11 pupils will be thinking about how they can ensure they get the best grades possible. ...

Exam Preparation for GCSE Geography

22nd April 2015

In this blog I want to look at how to adequately prepare for your exam using a range of tried and tested revision techniques.

GCSE Geography Exam Technique - AQA GCSE 4 Markers and 6&8 Markers

15th March 2015

Here is my next blog on GCSE Geography exam technique - this time for students preparing for AQA GCSE Geography A or B.

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The Geography Reference Library

GCSE Geography Revision Quiz - Coasts

Revision quizzes

This revision quiz looks at the topic of coasts. Each time you take the quiz, ten questions are drawn from our database on coasts - so you get a different...


Revision quizzes

Soft Engineering

Study notes

Desert Environments

Revision quizzes


Study notes

Mean, Median and Mode

Study notes

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Latest Geography Enrichment Videos


Just what does geography do - and offer - as a discipline? If geographers have often encountered difficulty in promoting their subject as a clearly defined area of focus as...


Here is a video recording of a talk given by Professor Ed Glaeser from Harvard Cities. He discusses how cities can become a crucial source of economic growth, and how...


The stunning Crossrail project - Europe's largest existing infrastructure project - is nearing completion.

22nd May 2016

Mount Etna erupts


Spectacular eruption of Europe's highest volcano